Recovery Insurance Information

Motorcycle Recovery and Transport Based in London, would like you to read the following important information about "motorcycle recovery operators vehicle insurance" before making your informed choice of who to trust to transport you pride and joy.

What might seem obvious to you is a motorcycle is not a fridge and a scooter is not a sofa, what might not be so obvious is that insurance companies have the very same view when it comes to insuring commercial vehicles, their usage and contents.


To carry motorcycles and scooters, no matter if it's for recovery purposes or simple straight forward motorcycle or scooter transportation, the vehicle carrying it needs to be insured under a "motor trade insurance policy".

It has been noticed that more and more man-with-a-van type services with an "I have a van and can carry anything attitude" have recently taken to motorcycle and scooter recovery and transportation, whilst still carrying on with removals and other deliveries. Their insurance would be a "commercial vehicle policy" it would also state in their exclusions (the not to be used for section of their policy) not for "motor trade purposes".


In the eyes of the law and therefore also in the eyes of insurance companies, motorcycles and scooters are classed as motor vehicles, meaning this activity is indeed unlawful, as no insurance company would issue a policy that covers both uses. Therefore the vehicle your motorcycle or scooter is being carried in would not be insured for the purpose it is being used. Many are advertising and reporting to have "goods in transit" insurance up to an impressive £25,000 any one not knowing any different about insurance or recovery practices, would be forgiven for thinking that this would be enough to be able to carry motorcycles or scooters because it covers the cost of your motorcycle or scooter, but in fact this is meaningless if the vehicle itself is not properly insured.


The difference in the level of cover between normal commercial vehicle and motor trade insurance is enormous as is the cost. Motor trade insurance can be up to four times more expensive than normal commercial vehicle insurance dependant on cover.


Having motor trade insurance also has the added benefit of giving insurance cover for un-owned or "customer" vehicles. It is a legal requirement that the person in charge of someone else's vehicle (this includes motorcycles and scooters) on the public highway, must have at least third party road risk insurance along with a valid driving licence that will cover the vehicle that they are in control of. This is regardless if the vehicle is being driven or pushed.


By employing someone to move your motorcycle or scooter you are granting permission for that person to be in control of your vehicle, if then that person is found to have no insurance whilst in control of your vehicle on the highway even if only, to and from the recovery vehicle, as well as the person in control, there is the possibly of prosecution to the vehicle owner for aiding and abetting that offence. If upon being found guilty this could result in 6 to 8 penalty points, a possible driving ban and a fine of up to £5000. There is also the possibility of your vehicle being impounded as the authorities have a zero tolerance against improper or un-insured vehicles.


There is another often overlooked important factor when deciding what operator to use, the vehicles used also differ from removal vans as all recovery vehicles should be highway compliant. This is not easy to explain in a few short words, but any good operator will know this and the vehicle they use will be legal but in short imagine a recovery vehicle with the lights, stripes and beacons, these are not for decoration, its law when working on the public highway and now imagine a normal delivery van.


The picture trying to be built here is quite simple, if your chosen recovery or transportation operator's occupation is not solely involved in the recovery or transportation of motor vehicles(this includes motorcycles and scooters) IE he or she has another job away from recovery, for instance: a buss driver, student, office worker or builder etc etc, then it's very unlikely they will have the correct insurance. Therefore you run a high risk of your motorcycle or scooter being transported in an un-properly insured vehicle, along with it not being covered on the public highway to and from the recovery vehicle.  


FACT! It's a shame but it is true, that the safety of you and your motorcycle or scooter in a van all depends on the competence and honesty of the recovery operator, driver and owner!


Apart from being legal, other things you should consider are:

Has your chosen operator got experience in handling motorcycles and scooters? Tying down a motorcycle up to 500kgs in an upright position for transporting safely without the correct equipment is not easy; recovery equipment is bulky and would take up valuable room in a removals van so there is unlikely to be any.


With us at upon collection you will be given a full receipt including our contact details and address, a copy of this will be given to the recipient on delivery if you decide or you are unable to travel with it, Never hand your motorcycle or scooter along with its keys to someone untraceable no matter how convincing they may seem.


Are you completely confident the operator will carry out what has been promised? Some unscrupulous operators quote very low prices just to get work, until a better offer comes along, then excuses are made at the last minute. Leaving you, their customer, to make alternative arrangements.

From a financial point of view using a professional, reliable operator can be no more expensive. Choose wisely, a 'very good' or 'cheap' quote that you might get, may not work out to be so cheap, all things considered.


We here at over the past few years have heard enough stories from people who have been cought out to put this advice together, to help you make an informed choice when it comes to the operator you choose to recover or transport your motorcycle or scooter.


If you have any doubts about the company you have chosen, 'Google' their phone number this will show up any adverts they run other than motorcycle/scooter recovery or transportation, don't get caught out.


You can rest assured all the correct insurance and equipment is used when employing to recover ot transport your motorcycle or scooter.


We only offer a professional, reliable and affordable good old fashioned service....its what we do and we know what we are doing!


Kind regards,